Friday, October 19, 2007

Net Worth Confidential

It's interesting to compare one's situation with others. And many pf bloggers have a running total of their net worth. People in our society are open about sharing many intimate details about sex, crime, addictions, yet somehow we are shy about letting people know about our financial situation.

As background, I'm in my late 30's and married. Been saving and putting money away since I started my first full-time job about 10 years ago. I think compared to the average American we are on a good track record.

So I'm not ready to give my full net worth details yet. We have several 401ks and roth Iras and also equity in in our house. So far so good. Our only debt is our mortgage, and a car loan.

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SavingDiva said...

It's a big step to bare it all on the internet for every one to see. If you're not ready, then don't give the details...make sure you keep in your financial comfort zone :)