Monday, October 29, 2007

Spending Habits of Various People

"Talk is cheap" is the well known adage. To see what people really value, look at what they spend their money on.

For me, I enjoy eating, so I like going out to eat on the weekends. I guess that's my weakness. Sushi, Thai, Chinese, In-N-Out burgers (double-double with animal-style fries). But I also put my retirement as high priority, so I max out my 401k every year.

Other people like watching TV, so one friend got a 3 thousand dollar 45-inch Sony LCD HDTV. He's also a gadget freak, so he has the iphone, appletv, ipod, macbook, etc.
Another friend got a 60 inch Sony HDTV.

Another person I know likes to go to the movies, so he goes every weekend to catch the latest flick.

Another person got a boob job. Quite a pricey augmentation too I heard.

Yet another person is very fitness-oriented, so he buys expensive gear and clothes from REI.

Another friend I know is a photography nut, so he has about 20k in photography gear. And a bimmer, which he doesn't drive.

Last saturday, someone was sharing that their uncle has a Land Rover, but it's so expensive to run. It guzzles seven gallons per mile, so it stays parked most of the time.

Another person I know doesn't have a lot of expensive "things", but he has travelled all over the world. Australia, Israel, Jordan, Brazil, Chile, Easter Island, London, Paris, Alaska.

What do you spend your money on?

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