Friday, October 19, 2007

Pyramids of Gold?

I came across this article on Yahoo Finance about annoying networkers. Made me think of the several people in my life who have tried various get-rich-quick schemes. "Sign up early" and get rich recruiting people to sign up after you!!!

I'm glad I did not fall for those.

My relative tried selling Tupperware, scrapbooking, perfumes. As you know these companies urge you to have parties where you invite friends/relatives/coworkers... then try to sell them stuff. I'm not that comfortable with selling direct, so these businesses never attracted me.

Another relative tried Nu Skin, Shaklee. Still no success in that after putting in a lot of effort and money.

Another friend tried Amway. Another friend signed up selling board games...

An acquaintance I know got out of the military and started selling vitamins. The claim that the gel capsules are better for absorption. And she convince another friend to sign up.

I'm glad I didn't sign up to these things. It's not my style to approach people and sell things. I've always considered myself a realist, and street smart. I'm going to grow my investment via my 401k instead and use the magic of compounding returns.

What about you? anyone have stories of multi-level marketing schemes and pyramids?

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