Monday, November 26, 2007

George Foreman Ipod Grill -Whaaat??

This is a strange product I came across today. It's a grill with built in connection for the ipod plus speakers and amp.

Who would buy this frankensteinian grilling gear? I think the market researchers were polling people on April Fools day.

Why would I plug an ipod near a hot, smoking, grease-dripping grill? It's such a bizarre combination. An ipod is the last thing you would want to have near a grill.

Or maybe they hired some monkeys with a dartboard on George Foreman Industries HQ?

I can only imagine what went on at the CEO's office at George Foreman Industries. Just like a Dilbert comic.
"Johnson, my nephew showed me his ipod last night. I want you to build a grill with an Ipod connector."
"But sir, who would buy that?"
"Get it out by Christmas or start packing your cube!"
"Yes sir!"

What's next? a grill with built in Wifi, keyboard and LCD screen? So you can surf while grilling your steak? Maybe also a Wifi router addon, so you can make your grill also function as a hotspot for the neighbors.

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