Thursday, November 1, 2007

Motley Fool is Dead (to me)

When I started my financial journey years ago. I would visit Motley Fool to read their articles on investing and get useful ideas. They have many articles that introduce the concepts of investing to newbies like me.

But nowadays I don't really go there anymore. In fact I have been avoiding their site. Why? because they have changed, and I have matured. If you frequent the Yahoo Finance, like me, to get stock quotes, you'll frequently see Motley fool articles listed. But I don't click them anymore.

The reason is they Motley Fool site seems to have morphed into a newsletter ad machine. Their articles almost 99% of the time give a teaser headline to get you to click it. The "ADticle" will spew some general personal finance spiel, then bam they hit you with something like "... if you want to find great money making stocks like these that kick ass, then subscribe to our XYZ newsletter today."

Motley Fool started with a compelling site. But nowadays, they're just a lifeless newsletter huckster. No thanks MF, I'll just read pf blogs instead.


frugal zeitgeist said...

My fish got a little smelly today. 362 points on the Dow smelly, in fact.

Cblogger said...

Yes, spoke too soon.

Down $4,131 for Halloween. Boo!