Saturday, November 17, 2007

Iphone Jailbreak

My relative was visiting, and he bought 2 Apple iphones. They don't have them yet in his country. So being the geek of the family, I helped unlocked the iphone.

The procedure to unlock the phone is not too difficult.
Requirements are:
1. Internet connection
2. Windows PC
3. WIFI router
4. Iphone
5. Downloaded files:

I followed the directions from this page. So refer to that site for full details.

1. Start off by downloading the various zip files listed. Unzip the files
2. Install the .Net framework. Uninstall older .Net framework required.
3. Make sure your WIFI router is working. DHCP is enabled.
4. Install ITunes
5. Install WinSCP. A file copying program, used to copy files from PC to iphone
6. Install TouchFree
7. Reboot windows if needed
8. Hook up the Iphone crade to the PC's USB port
9. Start Itunes to see if it can recognize the Iphone in the doc. Stop Itunes, and use taskman to kill the iphone services.

Basically the procedure is
1. Make sure Iphone version is correct
2. Use iphone Emergency Call feature to access the Addressbook
- Add URL for preferences. Go to Preferences and Turn off the Autolock feature
- Add URL for the
3. Connect the Iphone to your WIFI network. Write down the IP address of the Iphone.
4. Connect to the jailbreak URL.
5. Start TouchFree. Then follow the onscreen instructions, touch free will copy files to the Iphone, and prompt you to reboot the Iphone several times.
When touchfree is completed, you will be able to see the Springboard, which is the main page of the iphone with the various icons.
6. Next you Unlock the iphone. Bring up WinSCP to copy files to the iphone. Copying AnySim to the phone allows the iphone to work with other phone carriers.
7. Next you activate the phone. Copying the new lockdownd and reboot
After this you should be able to use a non-ATT sim card to make calls.
8. Final step is to install the youtube file. After this you can browse youtube videos via WIFI.

The site has all the details. Overall the procedure is pretty straightforward for PC users with some experience tinkering around. Took about 30 mins to uninstall older .Net framework and to install the downloaded zips. Another 30-40 minutes to do the unlocking.

The iphone is a cute toy. Expensive but worth it. If you dont want to carry a bulky laptop, this is a good compromise. The price cut brings it down to $399 plus tax. It's a nice phone, web browsing device, plus it has a camera, and of course an Mp3 player.

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